Calculate shelf life for Missha, Talika and other cosmetics

April 13th, 2011

We’re glad to inform you that Cosmetic Calculator has been updated.

Added ability to calculate shelf life and determine production date by a batch code for the following cosmetics: Benefit Cosmetics, Burberry, Coppertone, DHC, Dove, Missha, Talika.

Shiseido production date and general shelf life calculation has been extended.

Added different batch codes support for La Prairie, Anna Sui and Borghese cosmetics.

Minor fixes for Oriflame, Kenzo, Bvlgari, Revlon.

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6 Responses

  1. Mi

    I’ve got some cosmetics of HERBACIN (Germany), ROSSMANN (Germany), EVOLUDERM (France), they only have batch codes, but I don’t know how to read production date from them. Could you please add lot number decoding for these brands? If that’s impossible, please help me decode these batch codes and give shelf life information of these products:
    912299 (hand cream of HERBACIN)
    012103 (body cream of ROSSMANN)
    B9G001 (body cream of EVOLUDERM)
    Thanks a lot!

  2. sari

    This page is great. I would like to know batch codes for Nars!!!

    Are you going to publish them??

    Thank you

  3. Lucy

    I have a product of Laneige which is not added in your calculator. Would you mind decoding its batch code? Its batch code has 2 lines as follow:
    Thank you very much!


    Herbacin: produced in December, 2009.
    We have no approved information about Rossmann and Evoluderm batch codes yet.


    Thank you for your comments.
    We’re going to add NARS Cosmetics later; please send batch codes you have via email, and we’ll try to help you.


    Laneige: produced in December, 2010.

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